Tonia Dabwe

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Senior consultant, coach and trainer

Ms Tonia Dabwe joined E&M’s team of trainers in 2017 as expert in Private Sector and Export Capacity Development, Sustainable Growth/SDGs, and related e-learning projects. Tonia works with SMEs from the Netherlands, European Union and developing & emerging economies. She is involved in several of E&M’s national and international export capacity training and coaching projects.

Short Bio:

  • Master of Business Administration, majoring in banking & finance, Free University Amsterdam; Master of Business Economics, Saxion University the Netherlands.
  • In Africa and South Asia, Tonia provides (online) coaching & training for SMEs to develop business growth and/or internationalisation strategies. She also designed online courses that help SMEs find more profitable customers, increase sales, and generate higher profits to achieve faster and sustainable organic growth. Additionally, she works with SMEs in various countries to access funding.
  • In the Netherlands, Tonia mainly works with medium & large companies and government agencies on business development, market positioning and internationalisation. She serves as key advisor to Dutch healthcare company boards about strategic partnerships, market positioning, and tenders. As an interim manager, she developed an innovative 12M EUR healthcare concept into a fully functioning organisation within 12 months. She designed and implemented an award-winning concept enabling businesses to capitalise on the opportunities of the SDGs and build a more resilient & sustainable local economy. She also drafted a policy brief and strategy to improve the growth and profitability of micro-businesses in a top economic region.
  • Founder & Chair of an award-winning NGO in Liberia, focusing on education and entrepreneurship, with particular emphasis on youth and women. Winner of the 2013 International African Woman of the Year award (United Kingdom).
  • Tonia is an experienced programme manager, business coach and advisor who naturally pairs strategy with execution, is known for getting tangible results, and has extensive work experience in the private, public and NGO sectors. She is fluent in Dutch and English, an advanced French speaker, and has a large international network.

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