Fred Janssen

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Managing Director, senior consultant, coach and trainer

Current position: Founder, owner and Managing Director of E&M ExportManagement Ltd. 

Main activities: Coaching and training mainly Dutch companies in export strategy development. Besides Fred also is active in 50 countries outside Western Europe, mainly countries in transition, in export strategy building (private companies) and sector export capacity building (public sector (Government and Business Support Organizations). Solid experience in advising and engaging private & public organizations on export and international trade strategies through training and coaching projects and interim management assignments. “Hands-on approach”- principle!

Key disciplines and focus expertise: Export auditing, entry strategies and partnerships, in-depth export market research and intelligence, (sector) export marketing planning, international strategic alliances, interim export management and export operations. All projects and assignments are performed with the aim to set up international business strategies and institutional trade promotion and export capacity building programmes worldwide.

Additional information: Fred introduced QE – Qualified Export Manager / Export Marketing Management (Post Bachelor accredited by the Dutch accreditation institute CPION/Nuffic). In the meantime over 1000 export managers participated and built, reorganized and/or stabilized the international market position for their respective companies.

International network of professionals and experts consisting of over 1000 internationally active (Dutch) companies, spanning several market sectors and all active in building export market positions all over the world; around 350 Dutch diplomats and local employees of Dutch Embassies and Consulates employed all over the world; around 250 foreign diplomats; around 500 representatives of BSO’s, Government and sector institutes in DCs and around 750 representatives of SMEs in DCs. These groups are the building blocks of Fred’s professional network.

Fred holds a Dutch Bachelor’s Degree in International Business and several Master-certificates covering disciplines in International Business.

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