MS SchippersErik Helmink
Director Marketing
Schippers Europe BV

The Schippers Group is a worldwide active innovative, international marketing organization for professional livestock farmers and E&M makes export market opportunities visible and offers instruments to commercial talents to develop themselves and their organization

If you want export to be a feast for the entire organization, then E&M has the right tools for small and large companies to successfully guide them through the process. The approach is personal, confronting, structured and result-oriented. E&M is the connecting component between market development, talent development and organizational growth. For beginners and seniors in the arena of international business, E&M offers the resources and people needed to trigger export talents and organizations.

AFBJohn Vergeer
General Manager
Europe AFB International

AFB is the global and science and technology leader in pet food palatability and subject of E&M’s training and coaching project was to rolling out international market strategies”, with emphasis put on market segmentation and Product Market Combinations (PMCs). E&M forced us to have a practical view on the export marketing plan with the focus on reorganizing the internal export department and structuring the external sales force.

As an post-Bachelor Export Marketing Management alumnus, it is crystal clear to me that the added value of this training lies in the high level of practicality. In this view, the speakers from the private sector were of great value, as they could use their own business experience. To me, it is logical to set the same step and share my experience both as a post-Bachelor trainer, and as a trainer for the Dutch Economic Attaches from the Ministry of Foreign and Economic Affairs.

Besides this, I use the structured approach from the Export Marketing Management training in my work at the American AFB International. I am responsible for the European Business Unit, where we apply this approach in particular for the emerging markets Russia and South Africa.

brb_internationalRalph Pinkaers
BRB International BV

BRB International BV provides technology solutions with Silicones, Additives, Chemicals and Lubricants, is active in 80 countries and  E&M forced us to have a practical view on the export marketing plan with the focus on reorganizing the internal export department and structuring the external sales force.

10 years ago I participated myself in the Master Course Qualified Export Manager and developed an export marketing plan to expand in Asia. The link between several theoretical models and the daily practice was excellent and this approach fitted very well in our growth strategy. E&M performed well in coaching several team members of the export department.

In the meantime all our people responsible for export and international business development participated in the Master Course Qualified Export Manager and received the certified diploma of the course. This registered title QE – Qualified Export Manager is a recognition of their expertise.

Technomed_EuropeJohn Paes
Technomed Europe

Technomed Europe develops, produces and sells medical devices and accessories to 30 countries worldwide and the export programs of E&M assist us to act on a structural and result driven way.

As General Manager I’ve turned to E&M several times to assist us in preparing and rolling out our international market expansion strategy – not without success! E&M has also coached our export department, provided input to our HRM strategy, and together with our staff reorganized some of our main international distribution channels.

Clondalkin LPFSantiago Kuipers
Sales Manager
Clondalkin LPF

LPF exports to more than 50 countries worldwide and the master class Qualified Export manager is a very good basis for further commercial expansion.

By using the theory and models as input for  discussions with colleagues, we have been able to create a platform as a first step towards success in international business.

Our export strategy project was taken to a higher level through the fruitful discussions with fellow students, guest speakers, other professionals and our coaches. Being challenged to look very critically at your own strategic choices is certainly valuable in international operations at a strategic level, also after the course.

Our composed export strategy plan for the Spanish market serves as a blue print for other countries and regions.

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